Pulled Pork

Mouthwatering slow roasted pig in a pie… Shoulder of Irish pork slowly roasted until melt-in-the-mouth tender. Smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce made with paprika and tabasco, filled in a shortcrust pastry base, topped with a puff pastry lid and sprinkled with black pepper.


Beef & Stout

A succulent union of cow and stout… Tender pieces of prime Irish beef in a rich gravy made with Irish stout. Filled to the brim in a shortcrust pastry base topped with a puff pastry lid and sprinkled with rosemary.


Chicken & Ham

A tasteful marriage between bird and pig… Tender pieces of Irish chicken and mild smoked ham in a rich creamy white sauce, cooked with white wine, herbs and spices. Filled in a shortcrust pastry base topped with a puff pastry lid and sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Donal Skehan

TV cook and food writer Donal Skehan has just launched Skoff Pies produced in his family business by his parents, Liz and Dermot who are also purveyors of great food and have run a successful food business for over 30 years. Donal has taken his passion for all things wholesome and hearty and put it to work to create these mouthwatering pies that are made for skoffing!


Skoff Pies at Bloom in the Park

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SKOFF Pie Pack Shots_29

Skoff Pies Scoop a Great Taste Award!

Exciting times in Skoff HQ today folks! We awoke to the amazing new that we have scooped a Great Taste Award for our Chicken & Ham and Beef and Stout pies and we couldn’t be happier! The Great Taste Awards are one of the world’s largest and.

SKOFF Pie Pack Shots_29

Kickstart with Skoff Pies & George Hook

It has been a busy week at Skoff Pie HQ between getting all our lovely pies ready for Bloom in the Park (are you coming?) and dropping in to Newstalk to be on the Right Hook. If you haven’t heard of the kickstart campaign it is a.

SKOFF Pie Pack Shots_29

Skoff It With: Red Cabbage Buttermilk Coleslaw

We are halfway through the week which means it is nearly the weekend! We know how it is when you hit the midweek slump. Thinking up dinner ideas can be a daunting task after a longs day’s work and tackling the rush hour traffic to get home..